Over 14,500 Surveys Completed and Counting

RBAC has completed surveys on anything from a small residential lot to a large 1000+ acre farm to commercial and residential subdivisions.

Highly Accurate GPS Technology



We use advanced GPS technology to obtain accurate and reliable locations. This allows our customers to be confident in the locational accuracy of their project.

Construction services

Here at RBAC, we pride ourselves on making sure your construction project is laid out correctly. We combine technology with good-old common sense to make sure the construction layout is up to the standard the contractor needs to build the project.

There are several cases where serving the client the best creates less work for us by providing the excavators with an accurate DTM of the proposed grading for use in machine control.

Accurate Measurements

We take great care and pride in doing everything the right way and not just the cheap and quick way.

Flood Services

RBAC is one of the few firms in the west Chicagoland area experienced in the procedures to assist with reducing or eliminating the flood insurance requirement for your property.